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By Michael Delon.

Your #1 problem is not “getting more leads.” The phone rings and you capture their information in your intake system. Then you follow up with them relentlessly.

  • Why are you not converting more callers to clients?
  • Why aren't you making more money?

Your #1 problem is not “getting more leads.” Your #1 problem is converting more of the leads you're already generating.

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What's the Solution?

If you talk with other attorneys or people in the media, their solution is to do more advertising. But I don't think it's the best strategy.

Increasing the sheer volume of leads is not the best answer to your problem. It might work, but it will cost you a lot of money.

If you look at your lead conversion process as a bucket that you're trying to fill, you need to plug the holes in your bucket so you'll retain more “water” and make more money.

Two of the most common holes we find firms overlooking are in the areas of Intake and Conversion. Legal marketing expert Harlan Schillinger says, “Intake and conversion are the most overlooked part of your business.” So let's fix that.

Why You Lose Clients

What you send your caller after they call you helps you convert them from a caller into a client.

So what do you send them after they call?

  • Your full-color company brochure filled with papers and information about how great you are, how long you've been in business, and how much money you've helped others receive?
  • Awards you've won or events you've sponsored?
  • A picture of your building and staff?
  • And don't forget your refrigerator magnet and business card.

These are all things callers receive. In fact, since they call multiple firms, they receive piles and piles of this stuff. It's overwhelming and confusing.

Here's the real problem: It all looks the same. Every firm says basically the same thing. Change the logo and the color of the brochure and they would all be identical.

Why should the caller choose to hire you? When you look like everyone else you will lose more than you win.

Instead of showing up looking like all of your competitors, do something different. Position yourself uniquely. Don't send what everyone else sends. Put a credibility-builder in your prospect's hands. You will stand out prominently, impact the prospect memorably, and move yourself to the top of the pile.

Become the Recognized Authority

When asked to name a business and personal motivation guru:

  • Tony Robbins is very often the first name mentioned.
  • Michael Hyatt has burst onto the scene in recent years positioned as your “Virtual Mentor.”
  • Dave Ramsey has created a fortune by positioning himself as America's personal finance go-to guy.

Now I like Tony and Michael and Dave—but none of them are that much smarter or better than the next guy. In fact, you can get much of what they offer for much less with a little bit of research.

But what they have—that their competitors don't have—is positioning. We see Tony and Michael and Dave as authorities in their field. We trust what they tell us. And we pay handsomely for it.

They have created a platform for their message, generate a large following, and produce shocking profits.

They weren't the first ones to the game. Arguably, they might not even be the best. But they are considered the experts in their industries. Since they have this position, they can spend less on advertising, enjoy higher conversions, and generate more revenue.

So how did they create this position for themselves? What made Tony, Michael, and Dave experts?

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They each published a Book

It's that simple. Tony Robbins came onto the scene with his book Unlimited Power. That book made him a national expert and a household name.

Michael Hyatt published Platform and it catapulted him to national expert status.

Dave Ramsey published Financial Peace in 1992 and has gone on to build a media conglomerate generating millions of dollars a year.

All three of these men were once sitting where you are now. They decided to take action and put their thoughts into a book—and the rest is history.

The simplest way to convert more callers to clients is to be The Recognized Legal Authority in your market. And the simplest way to do that is with your own book. Your book is the most cost-effective tool in your marketing arsenal. It empowers you to convert more callers to clients and earn more money without spending more on advertising.

When you receive phone calls, don't just mail the caller your brochure and business card. Send them a signed copy of your book. You will immediately stand out in your their mind.

When they pile all the brochures and business cards they've received onto their table, your book will be on the top of the pile. As they file brochures and toss business cards, they'll hold onto your book.

When's the last time you threw away a book? People don't throw away books — it's almost sacrilegiousIt seems so very simple. Yet so few follow this proven pathway of unconventional wisdom.Your book will stay around longer than all your competitors' brochures and business cards and miscellaneous junk. Your book will speak to your prospects even when they aren't reading it.

Just seeing your book on their table, desk, or nightstand will remind them of you. They'll remember your advice. They'll call you for an appointment. They'll hire you to represent them.

Creating Your Book

<span style="color: blue;">
Chicago attorney Kurt Lloyd wrote a book and created a unique website for it with the expertise of

It's fairly easy to put your name on a book these days.

You can publish one yourself (if you have the time). You can license one that someone else has written (a viable alternative). But nothing compares to having your own book that tells your story in your words.

When you are an author, you establish authority, easily differentiate yourself, and will have people calling to work with you like never before.

Remember Tony, Michael and Dave? This is exactly what they did.

Authority status is the position you need to establish to gain more clients without spending more on advertising. And the fastest way to attain authority status is to become the author of your own book.

Here's how to do it:

  • Publish your own book.
  • Utilize your book in ALL of your marketing and advertising.
  • Give your book to every lead you receive.

Do that and you'll stay in front of your leads longerconvert more leads to clients, and make more money without spending another dime on more advertising.

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