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Are you part of a successful personal injury firm wanting to make the leap to Mass Torts? It's time to stop sitting on the sidelines and get into the game.

What successful Mass Tort Firms have that you don't is business knowledge. Mass Tort Nexus will teach you a step by step roadmap that delivers all of the specific tools and methods, to ensure maximum return on investment. Nothing like this has ever been offered. Click to see the Mass Tort Immersion Course Curriculum.

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The custom designed course curriculum was crafted by John Ray, consultant to many of the major players in the Mass Tort space for more than a decade. John is the originator of a great number of the time-tested methods and metrics currently used by successful Mass Tort firms. Additionally, John is the former owner of a pharmaceutical company and has extensive knowledge of FDA Regulatory issues. 

You will learn the methods, tools, and strategies necessary to enable your to incorporate Mass Torts into its practice. Contact me at 520-577-9759 or via the form on the right for a special discount. The full tuition is $5,999.

Four Days to Mass Tort Success Course

Next Course: Fri 23 Sep - Mon 26 Sep

At the historic Riverside Hotel in Fort Lauderdale

The tuition is the same as the previous program: $5,999. But again, contact me to get a special discount using the form on this page or call 520-577-9759.

It's not what you would expect and more than anyone expected.


The Seven Steps For Picking the Winners in the Mass Tort Race

  Contact Larry Bodine to get a special discount at 520-577-9759..
1. Determine the Legal Viability of the Case (LVC).
    • Where's the tort and who is liable?
    • Identify all potential defendants, not just the most obvious one.
    • Where's the mass?
    • Is this case likely to be a Class Action or Multidistrict Litigation? What are the major differences and why it matters to your firm.
    • Merits of the Case Liability and Causation. Sometimes it's obvious, sometimes it's not.
    • Land mines to identify: 510k Preemption, SOL and other land mines.
    • Methods and resources.
2. Determine the Defendant(s) Financial Viability (DFV).
      • How to determine if the defendant can pay. A bankrupt defendant can ruin your day.
      • Methods and resources for determining DFV.
      • When to bail out.
3. Determine Potential Plaintiff Numerosity (PPN).
      • How to determine how many potential plaintiffs there are for any given Mass Tort case.
      • The less fish there are in a pond, the more costly it is to catch a single fish.
      • Methods and resources for estimating (PPN).
4. Determine Potential Average Case Value (PACV).
  • Evaluating likely average client damages and other factors relevant to PACV.
  • Comparing the subject case data to past similar Mass Tort case settlements and awards.
  • Methods and resources for estimating (PACV).
5. Average Cost Per Client Acquired (ACPCA).
  • Determine your acceptable ACPCA based on PACV.
  • ACPCA will be lower at the beginning of the case. Acceptable ACPCA should be determined for the life of the litigation. If your early stage client acquisition efforts are below your acceptable ACPCA, then you can raise your acceptable ACPCA in later stages and remain within your Acceptable ACPCA for the life of the case.
  • Adjusting you acceptable ACPCA over the life of a case.
  • At some point ACPCA will reach an unacceptable range. You need to know when to pull the plug.
  Contact Larry Bodine to get a special discount at 520-577-9759.
6. Know Your Magic Ratio:
  • The lower the PPN, the more expensive it is to acquire a single client.
  • The ratio of PPN and PACV is the most important threshold metric in determining whether or not you make an investment in a case once LVC and DFV are determined.
  • Low PPN and Low PACV is not acceptable.
  • Low PPN and High PACV can be acceptable under certain circumstances.
  • High PPN and High PACV is the best possible scenario.
  • Tools and resources for using these metrics, to make investment decisions based on your firm's risk tolerance position.
7. Thumbs up or Thumbs down.
  • Make your decision to invest in a Mass Tort litigation based on the metrics above and your firms risk tolerance.
  • Set goals for each Mass Tort case for which you elect to accept clients and base your plans on these goals. No one plans to fail, they simply fail to plan.

We will walk you through the above litigation evaluation process with a real world case in an open forum format.

  Contact Larry Bodine to get a special discount at 520-577-9759.

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