#1 Twitter Tip - How I Got 1,000+ Real Followers in 10 Days

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#1 Twitter Tip - Reciprocate

Wouldn't you love to have this growth chart for your Twitter account? I just grew a brand new Twitter handle for The Mastermind Experience from zero to more than 1,000 followers in ten days (April 7-17). And they are real followers -- not spam accounts. 

Starting today I will reveal my techniques for how I accomplished this. I'm doing this because I believe Twitter is the best social medium for trial lawyers.

  • Facebook has devolved into an advertising database and paid placement vehicle. If you have a thousand likes and post an update, only a handful of people will see it.
  • LinkedIn is a silent room where there is no conversation. People mainly post headlines and links -- but rarely discuss them. I moderate four groups on LinkedIn and I struggle to get anybody to make a comment.
  • Google+ is worthwhile to rank high in Google search results, but aside from the occasional +1, there isn't much happening back and forth.
  • Twitter is a lively online meetup where people actively share, comment and engage.

The Golden Rule

To get followers, you must observe the Golden Rule: treat other people as you would like them to treat you. This means:

  • If someone retweets your post, visit their Twitter site and retweet them. The same goes for people who like one of your updates or mention you in one of their posts.
  • Thank people using their Twitter @handle for their retweets, likes and mentions. People just love the attention, and they will retweet your thank-yous.

When a post that has been retweeted several times, it gives it credibility. Retweeting shows that other people think the post is important. The result is that people will follow a person whose posts have been retweeted. 

I know that this works, because I have 23,000 followers for @LarryBodine, and 7,600 followers for The National Trial Lawyers, where I edit the website and update their social media accounts. I also manage several other law-related Twitter accounts.

This is the way to get real followers, not spam accounts. You are building a tribe of fans. My Tip #1 doesn't cost anything. To get followers on Twitter: respond, reciprocate and retweet. 

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2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report -
2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report -

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