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Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to follow people who are already interested in your Twitter updates, so that they are most likely to follow you back? I have good news.

There are at least two ways to do this. I used both of them to build @MastermindExper to 1,000+ real followers in 10 days.

Start by identifying the people who retweet you the most, using TwitterCounter. These are the online leaders you want to follow. Navigate to Tweets / My Tweets to see what their @handles are.

Next open a free account with CrowdFire. The main function of this tool is to unfollow those people who don't follow you. But it also has a simple "Copy Follower" function.

Crowdfire copy follower tool

Simply type in the @handle of one of your top retweeters, and you can choose which of their tweeps to follow. Remember, they have already seen your posts and are likely to follow back when you follow them.

Tweepi - Even Better

A better, more sophisticated tool to accomplish this is, which is free for a basic account. Login, click on Follow Tools and choose "By @User's Followers."

Tweepi displays the @user's followers and you can filter them according to number of followers, follow ratio, last tweeted and 16 additional criteria. For @MastermindExper I wanted lawyers, so I used the filter for "bio" and searched for the term "law" in the person's bio. This effectively displayed lawyers and legal accounts, which was exactly what I wanted. 

Tweepi copy followers

Being methodical, I also set the search terms to "attorney" and "legal" to make sure Tweepi displayed every lawyer. Once I had followed all the lawyers I wanted to, I went back to the top and entered another @user name and repeated the process. 

This really works. When I last checked, @MastermindExper had attracted 220 new followers.

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See below - people love it when you retweet them in return. I retweeted Kevin's post right away.

Immediately retweet people who retweet you. I did.

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