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Domino's pizza Facebook Messenger chatbot

For many potential clients, Facebook is the Internet. Facebook takes up more than 25% of the time Americans spend on the Internet. Smart lawyers can capitalize on Facebook Messenger Chatbots to screen leads and engage new clients -- automatically.

Chatbots are little computer programs that maintain a conversation and send replies to people -- they are most often found in customer support sites. Domino's has one that lets you order a pizza through Facebook, Kayak has one to let you book a flight through Facebook, and law-related DoNotPay helps consumers fight traffic tickets and get flight refunds.

There are five benefits to engaging consumers with Facebook messenger chatbots, according to Baille Ward of Crisp Video:

  1. Boost response time on Facebook by enabling instant, automated replies and automatic responses to common questions.
  2. Qualify your leads by asking qualifying questions to determine if the consumer is a good fit for your firm.
  3. Schedule client consultations by giving a number to call or directing people to an appointment booking page.
  4. Get client insights by monitoring demographic information of people who use the chatbot, and connecting the chatbot to your CRM (client relationship management) software.
  5. Send announcements -- such as new blog posts or clients events -- via Facebook messenger to anyone who has interacted with your bot.

"Facebook Messenger is a huge potential source of lead generation and case revenue," Ward says. Lawyers can set up a chatbot to screen for practice-area keywords like "divorce" "DUI" or "car accident."

The beauty of chatbots is that they require no live human intervention. They operate on pre-set list of questions and answers. Creating a chatbot makes sense considering that 2 billion Facebook messages are sent between consumers and businesses. Ward says that 70% of people are willing to interact with a chatbot.

Email is similar to Facebook messages. Chatbots, however, encourage immediate responses, have better click-through rates, are working 24 hours a day, and do not require a human on the other site.

Facebook offers a chatbot-builder, but its functions are limited. Ward recommended using third-party builders that can cost as little as $10 per month, like ManyChat, MotionAI, Chayfuel and It's Alive.

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