8 Legal Marketing Strategies that Work

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Adopt new tactics that prioritize online marketing. Research shows that 80.8 percent of clients check out potential professional services firms by looking at their websites. Your website should have at least 200 pages of content.

Lerner and Rowe Aims to be a National Powerhouse

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The omnipresent marketing by partners Glen Lerner and Kevin Rowe of Arizona has built a personal injury law firm with 60 attorneys in 27 locations in nine states, with 450 support staff. But they’re not stopping there. Lerner & Rowe is in the midst of a national expansion into “one enormous personal injury powerhouse.”

7 Habits of Effective Online Marketers

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80.8% of potential clients check out professional services firms by looking at their websites. The advantage of online marketing is that it is one-to-many, as opposed to in-person marketing which is one-to-one. By adopting the seven habits of effective online marketers, CMOs can generate more business for their law firms.

How to Improve Your Law Firm's Website

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If your law firm is still operating without a website in the modern internet era, it is likely losing business to firms that put more effort into their online presence. About 70 percent of law firms have generated new cases through their websites, and nearly three-quarters of consumers visit a law firm’s website ready to take action.

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Larry with LawLytics CEO Dan Jaffe at LawLytics HQ in Tucson.

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Larry currently sits on the Attorney Advisory Board at LawLytics.

Ken Hardison Presents the PILMMA Hall of Fame Award

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At the Annual Summit of the Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association, President Ken Hardison honored me with this award.

Nationally Recognized Legal Marketing Expert Larry Bodine

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Larry Bodine is considered by many to be the foremost expert on business generation.