Slides & Recording: 8 Ways That Successful Attorneys Get Clients Online

Posted by Larry Bodine | Sep 06, 2016 | 0 Comments

What you will discover: 75 million reasons to reach America's largest generation of all time. What happens now that Google is operated by artificial intelligence. Online tools to make your social media efforts effective. Overcoming short attention spans with eye candy. Getting website visitors to share your content with potential clients. Making the most of online reviews The magic of giving things away for free Thought leadership vs. SEO and PPC

Why Are You Still Using Wordpress?

Posted by Larry Bodine | Aug 28, 2016 | 0 Comments

Law firms like to use Wordpress because it is free. GoDaddy, Wix and Weebly are free, too (or almost free) and you get what you pay for. It's hard to beat free, unless you want to attract clients and get referrals from lawyers.

No One Cares Where You Went To Law School

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Before you check out the image below, please open your law firm's website and take a moment to review your bio. Does your bio reflect what you want your website visitors to know about you?  Does it tell them what they want to know about you? Or, is your bio like most attorney bios out there – b...

Only The Alpha Marketers Will Survive In The Law

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Competition is fierce in the legal profession, with work being outsourced to India and legal form companies advertising on TV. As a result lawyers are increasing their investment in marketing and business development — so you can expect to hear from your favorite law firm soon.

Five-Star Business Development Tips for a Prosperous Year

Posted by Larry Bodine | Apr 08, 2016 | 0 Comments

Over the last five years, there's been a sea change caused by cell phones and tablets that affect how clients find lawyers. Today, most clients go online to find a lawyer. In fact, more clients searching for an attorney found one from Internet content than they did from referrals. In the old days...

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Larry with LawLytics CEO Dan Jaffe at LawLytics Headquarters.

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As the Senior Legal Marketing Strategist at LawLytics, Larry helps craft strategies that turn law firm websites into extraordinary assets while demystifying law firm SEO.

Ken Hardison Presents the PILMMA Hall of Fame Award

Ken 20hardison 20presenting 20award 20to 20me 20at 20pilmma 20july 202015

At the Annual Summit of the Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association, President Ken Hardison honored me with this award.

Nationally Recognized Legal Marketing Expert Larry Bodine

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Larry Bodine is considered by many to be the foremost expert on business generation.