Expectations for Referring Attorneys

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Here's a great list of Expectations for Referring Attorneys from Michael McCready of McCready, Garcia & Leet in Chicago, IL.


PURPOSE:  To make expectations clear to lawyers to whom we refer cases.

  1. All clients referred to attorney or firm shall be contacted within 24 hours of the referral.
  2. Attorney or firm shall notify us that they either:
    1. contacted client and declined
    2. contacted client and made appointment
    3. unable to contact. If unable to contact, we shall attempt to make sure such referral is not lost.
  3. If the client is declined, attorney or firm shall send written correspondence (letter or e-mail) stating the attorney or firm as well as we decline to pursue the case and a copy of such correspondence shall be sent to us.
  4. If the referral is accepted, the attorney or firm shall enter into a retainer agreement with the client which complies with the Model Rules of Professional Responsibility. A retainer substantially similar to the attached is acceptable. We must approve any retainer agreement used by attorney or firm for clients referred.
  5. The attorney or firm shall provide a copy of their malpractice insurance to us.
  6. When referring a client, we expect the attorney or firm to keep in communication with the client. The client may, but should not have to contact us for status on their case.
  7. A copy of the filed complaint shall be provided to us upon filing.
  8. If the client is referred to attorney or firm because we have been unable to settle the case, i.e for litigation, the complaint will be filed within 30 days of the referral.
  9. The referring attorney shall contact us before finalizing the settlement to confirm expenses and liens.
  10. Upon settlement, a copy of a Settlement Sheet signed by the client approving of the distribution of the settlement shall accompany the referral check. The Settlement Sheet shall reflect attorney fees, expenses, liens and net to client.




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