Join Me at The Game Changers Summit for Lawyers in Atlanta on November 9-10

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Register now at and save $100 by using promo code: BODINE.

Join me in attending The Crisp Game Changers Summit, where in just two days you'll fast-track your law firm to greater growth, as you discover comprehensive strategies for taking every aspect of your law firm to the next level.

From differentiating your practice, sharpening your negotiation skills, optimizing your team to pushing past your limits, you'll learn from the best. 

This event was not designed to teach attendees how to be a better lawyer - we do not have CLEs planned, as there are plenty of other events that cover those skills. Instead, this event will teach attendees how to be a better law firm owner, as well as how to grow and scale your firm.

The Crisp Game Changers Summit will be a high-end, boutique law firm growth conference that offers a VIP experience unlike any other.

I'll be on the Legal Experts Throwdown, including: 

⭐️Harlan Schillinger: Legal Marketing Expert
⭐️Alvaro Arauz: 3A Law Management
⭐️Chris Anderson: How To Manage A Small Law Firm
⭐️Ken Hardison: Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association
⭐️Yours truly, the Sr. Legal Marketing Strategist at LawLytics with your network? Check out the video at

Friday, November 9

- The easiest and most effective way to negotiate and control the persuasion process (You'll learn these tactics from a former lead FBI hostage negotiator)

- Discover where virtually all of your competitors' advertising and marketing is weakest, and how you can exploit these near-universal vulnerabilities to your advantage

- Surprisingly powerful techniques to put yourself in a mindset that allows you to reach new levels of achievement. (You'll learn these from Navy Seal and world record holder David Goggins).

- What every attorney should know about money management

Saturday, November 10

- The blueprint that game-changing attorneys use to bring in a consistent lead flow and attract the highest-value clients

- Expanding your network by creating connections with like-minded ambitious attorneys who share your same goals

- How to deliver a world-class client experience that creates such an intense desire for your services that your competitors seem inferior

Register now at and save $100 by using the promo code: BODINE.

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Attorney and journalist Larry Bodine is the Senior Legal Marketing Strategist at LawLytics law firm marketing.


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