Law Firm Marketing D.E.C.O.D.E.D. Podcast is a "Legal Podcast Lawyers Need To Be Listening To"

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Victoria Blute LawLytics Law Firm Marketing Decoded podcast
Podcaster Victoria Blue has presented 46 episodes on law firm marketing, and counting.

"Now is the perfect time for attorneys to start becoming regular podcast listeners, as the internet is becoming flooded with high-quality law specific podcast content. says blogger Joe Galotti. "Below we'll introduce you to one of three legal podcasts that we love, and think you'll find a ton of value and entertainment from as well." 

In a new article, he focuses on The Law Firm Marketing Decoded Podcast, produced by LawLytics, a website marketing company that helps attorneys market smarter and get more clients. Hosted by Victoria Blute, the show offers advice for lawyers on building dominant law firm websites without wasting time or money. Here are some thoughts from Blute.

What makes the podcast unique?

“As the name of our podcast suggests, we really want to take the “mystery” out of online law firm marketing. We take an educational approach that helps attorneys get the most out of their firm's web presence. We want attorneys to be able to take control of their online marketing so that they can market smarter, so they can get more clients, and so that they can build lasting value for their firms,” Blute says.

She takes a conversational, non-intimidating approach to online law firm marketing and breaks down one topic in a step-by-step way that makes it easy for attorneys to educate themselves at whatever pace they'd like to learn. Whether it's content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, writing a better attorney bio, crafting compelling case results, or any other topic, the podcast feels like having a conversation with a friend you can trust.

“Above all, we want to empower attorneys to understand the online marketing ecosystem and put attorneys back in the driver's seat when it comes to their online marketing," she says. "So many attorneys have been told that this stuff is too complicated, that they can't do it themselves, or that it costs an arm and a leg to do online marketing well. None of those things are true. In fact, it's very much the opposite! When attorneys take a little time to educate themselves, they quickly see that they're capable of building a strong online presence without draining their marketing budgets in the process.”

Law Firm Marketing Decoded

Her Favorite Episode

Blute adds, "It's a huge reward when attorneys have that “a-ha” marketing moment that helps them to improve their online visibility and helps them connect with more potential clients. So, for me, any episode that sparks that “a-ha” moment for an attorney (or continues to build on it) gets classified as a “favorite.”

If she had to choose her favorite episode, it is Episode #41, “Why Law Firm SEO is a Game Attorneys Can Win.”

"Search engine optimization (SEO) is a game -- and, much like poker, it's a game of incomplete information. It's a game of probability and odds, learning how to stack those odds in your favor, and minimizing uncertainty. In that episode, we teach attorneys how to play the game to win," she says.

LawLytics also has a series of eBooks on the topic that attorneys can find here

Busy lawyers should take the time to subscribe because “A little listening can go a long way for your online marketing. Attorneys can be -- and should be -- in control of their law firm's marketing on the web. But what many attorneys don't realize is that this stuff is actually pretty easy to do, and it just requires a little bit of time to understand. Our podcast episodes vary in length, so whether you have a half-hour available to you or only five minutes, you can still learn something about how to improve your online marketing.”

Listen to the Law Firm Marketing Decoded Podcast Here.

Also mentioned are Law360's Pro Say Podcast (paid subscription required) and the LAWsome Podcast
created by legal marketers Jake Sanders and Paul Julius.

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