LawLytics’ Listings, Reviews and Content Offerings Provide All-In-One Online Marketing System for Small Law Firms

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Four new LawLytics services -- including websites, reviews, listings, and content -- enable attorneys to have access to an all-in-one online law firm marketing system built from components that are proven to be highly effective tools for marketing law firms online.

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By engaging with these services, attorneys can rest assured that they are investing their marketing dollars on proven practices without wasting time and money on techniques that are risky, don't move the needle, or otherwise don't offer a sufficient ROI. And, when engaging with LawLytics' services, attorneys are never asked to make lengthy commitments, nor are they forced to pay for services they don't want or need.

Online law firm marketing for solo attorneys and small firms can be both competitive and expensive. In fact, a majority of the most expensive pay-per-click keywords up for auction by Google are directly related to the legal profession. However, the best ROI for attorney marketing is generally achieved by leveraging the power of proven online marketing techniques such as content marketing, listings management, and customer relationship management (review curation).

Attorneys looking to get the most out of their online marketing efforts have traditionally been forced to engage multiple service providers and sign lengthy and expensive contracts in order to execute effective, efficient online marketing practices in each of those areas. For many attorneys, this means blindly trusting expensive marketing agencies, or struggling to piece together software from multiple vendors that is not intuitive, and is not built for lawyers.

“Practicing law is complicated and stressful enough without having to worry about sourcing and managing multiple vendor relationships or struggling with software that is not built for lawyers,” says LawLytics CEO Dan Jaffe. “At LawLytics, we make it easy for owners of small law firms to get all of the essential online marketing services that they need from a single place.” he says.

Jaffe practiced law as a small firm owner for a decade before founding LawLytics in 2011 to “help attorneys focus their online marketing efforts on things that actually move the needle and create reliable and sustainable revenue for their firms.” All of LawLytics' services leverage the best practices for attracting clients to law firms without wasting time or money.

LawLytics' all-in-one law firm marketing system is available to all of the company's member attorneys as of Monday, May 21. You can learn more about the new LawLytics Listing service here. Click here for more on LawLytics' ethics-compliant content offerings or click here to learn more about LawLytics Reviews. 

LawLytics is an award-winning, all-in-one website marketing system for solos and small law firms that want to grow their practices without wasting time and money. For further information, contact LawLytics' Vice-president of Marketing, Todd Miller LawLytics, 800.713.0161, [email protected],

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Attorney and journalist Larry Bodine is the Senior Legal Marketing Strategist at LawLytics law firm marketing.


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