Learn the Secrets of Lawyer-to-Lawyer Referral Based Marketing

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John Fisher is a medical malpractice attorney for plaintiffs in New York.
John Fisher is a medical malpractice attorney for plaintiffs in New York.

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Where do you get your best and most profitable cases? Are your best cases from TV and radio ads? No! You get your best cases from lawyer referrals. That's right, lawyers who have prescreened the case for merit, obtained the medical records for you and told the new client that you are perfect for their case. Attorneys John Fisher and Larry Bodine reveal how to get relationships with influential, prominent lawyers who can send referral after referral to you for the rest of your career -- and you're not paying a penny for TV or billboard ads.

The Secrets of Lawyer-to-Lawyer Referral Based Marketing

Topics include:

  • How to get new referral partners
  • Your online “co-counsel program”
  • Building equity with your referral partners
  • How to give tons of value to your referral partners
  • Nurturing your relationship with referral partners
  • Party like it's 1999
  • Become a rock star with lawyers

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We should all be focusing on getting more lawyer referrals, right? Okay, then why do you have no system for getting more lawyer referrals? You just hope that lawyers will think of you and you thank your lucky stars for any referrals. But you're just relying on blind luck for lawyer referrals and this is really no system at all.

About the presenters

John Fisher is the owner and founder of John H. Fisher, P.C+, where he limits his practice to catastrophic injury law for the victims of medical malpractice in New York State. Over the last 18 years, John's practice is limited to representing catastrophically injured persons. First and foremost, John is an entrepreneur. He was selected the national Marketer of the Year in 2013 by Great Legal Marketing and has been called a “master of referral marketing” by Glass, Esq. John is the author of the Amazon best-selling book, The Power of a System: How to Build the Injury Practice of your Dreams — the first of its kind book with explicit “how to” steps for the technical, managerial and entrepreneurial implementation of a multi-million dollar personal injury law firm. The Power of a System is part of the curriculum in several top law schools in the country. 

Attorney, journalist, marketer Larry Bodine
Attorney, journalist, marketer Larry Bodine

Larry Bodine has advised hundreds of law firms about attracting new clients over the last 15 years. He has revamped dozens of websites, conducted marketing retreats and trained many attorneys. Larry has been described as the “best known marketing and website consultant in the legal profession.” Larry is the Editor of The National Trial Lawyers website and is the former Editor-in-Chief of (nearly 4 million unique visitors per year) and the Editor and Publisher of Lawyers USA. He has launched several online ventures that are considered the top destinations for information about attorney marketing, including The Law Marketing Blog and

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About the Author

Larry Bodine

Attorney and journalist Larry Bodine is the Senior Legal Marketing Strategist at LawLytics law firm marketing.


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At the Annual Summit of the Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association, President Ken Hardison honored me with this award.

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