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Network Affiliates

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Three Millennial marketers from Network Affiliates presented a webinar about reaching America's biggest generation, who number 75 million and spend $600 billion per year. Millennials are the most lucrative market in the US.

You will see 30 minutes of practical information about getting new business from Millennials, followed by a Q&A session answering attendee questions. Get the answers you need straight from members of the generation. This is not something you want to miss.

Millennials as Prospective Clients

Marketing to the Millennials doesn't have to be mysterious. Law firms can no longer afford to overlook or avoid marketing to this often-misunderstood generation. There's real ROI tied to knowing this audience – and now you  can discover how to understand and reach them.

Millennials surpassed Baby Boomers as America's largest generation in 2016. The easiest way for a law firm to fail is to NOT understand Millennials, NOT find ways to be relevant or engage to them, and NOT to adapt to their new expectations. They are the largest spending cohort in the US, and they are retaining attorneys. 

"Law firms and marketers need to shift and adapt to this reality, instead of waiting for one that won't come true,” says Katie Elfering, a CEB Iconoculture consumer strategist and Forbes' resident expert on Millennials.

What you will discover

  • How Millennials search for attorneys.
  • How to appeal to this generation, now in their mid-30s and buying cars, homes and insurance.
  • What Millennials care about.
  • Creating brand messaging to appeal to Digital Natives.
  • How today's generation makes purchase decisions.

Our Millennial Presenters

Emily Frickey, Director of Digital Operations

Emily Frickey has been the Director of Digital Operations at Network Affiliates. She is responsible for facilitating and managing all digital projects including website builds, video production, SEO, Social Media and PPC. Emily works closely with the digital team to provide the best online solutions in the legal marketing industry. Not only does she ensure all projects come in on time and on budget, but that all ongoing strategies are constantly evolving.

Alex Dodge, Account Director

Alex Dodge is the Account Director at Network Affiliates. Bringing her passion for developing strong and creative strategy to build brands and grow businesses, she fosters enduring relationships with her clients. From day-to-day management to strategic thinking at the 50,000-foot level, she has a rare mix of get-it-done attitude and ability to look at the bigger picture. “My philosophy is: just because something is working, or because we did it last year, it doesn't mean we should always do it the same way again and again. New approaches help us stay ahead of the competition; we learn from what's working and we keep moving forward. I love being part of an organization that knows what works, but is always looking for new and better ways to grow our clients' businesses.”

Kate Stromberg, Marketing Director

Kate Stromberg is Network Affiliates' Marketing Director, responsible for the messaging and strategy behind all of their marketing initiatives. In addition to more than 9 years of experience in advertising and media, Kate also brings and a deep understanding of the Millennial perspective to every project and discussion she's involved in.

About the Author

Larry Bodine

Larry Bodine is a marketer, journalist and attorney who knows how to turn website visitors into clients for trial law firms.


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