Partner Podcast Interview: How to Get New Business

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Scott Love, an attorney recruiter from The Attorney Search Group in Washington, DC, interviewed me on the Partner Podcast. Just visit and listen to the 25-minute interview.

  1. Create contents by getting other people to talk about themselves. 
  2. Write blog posts and tell stories with an emotional hook.
  3. Write your own posts. My blog started 20 years ago and has gotten 1 million visitors. The first blog post I wrote is still attracting people.
  4. Clients want good case histories, showing what it meant to the company, and spelling out the obstacle that was overcome.
  5. Emotion engages people. People buy on emotion and justify with logic.
  6. Attorneys should join an organization of clients to get business. There is no business to be found in the office.
  7. Get on Facebook or LinkedIn and engage them, so you can meet them in person.
  8. Figure out which organization to join by asking your best clients, and then go to the next meeting with them.
  9. Get on the board, because everyone knows the board of directors.
  10. When asked, give your 30-second commercial. It has 3 elements.
  11. There are attorney finders, minders, and grinders. Firms should hire a lawyer with an owner mentality and want to have their own book of business. 
  12. Your business plan should include clients you can visit, referral sources you can see, meetings that clients go to, and give a talk to establish yourself as an authority. You will start to attract new business.
  13. The trick to making a good presentation is to invite clients, referral sources and fellow attorneys to a lunch and learn in your office. Talk about the problems they have for which there are legal solutions.
  14. To become a good speaker, attend a lot of speeches and look for the techniques the speaker used to hold the audience's attention.
  15. To overcome a fear of public speaking, prepare. Write out by hand the primary point's you'll cover, and practice how you'll begin the speech. 
  16. Cement your notes in your mind, repeat the speech in a blog post, have your speech videotaped for YouTube, and next turn it into a webinar. You do the effort once and find multiple ways to present it.
  17. Present CLE progams, and incorporate questions into a new blog post.

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Thank you for sharing such valuable information as i am doing Digital marketing course so, it is going to help me a lot.Hope you will keep on posting to update us.

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