5 Personal Branding Tips for Lawyers, from Lawyers Who Make It Work

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Here is a guest blog post by Matthew Candelaria:

Lawyer Jonathan Rosenfeld begins with a personal statement, “I’m an Illinois lawyer . . .” and it ends with “This is my life’s work.”

Tip #1 from Jonathan Rosenfeld: Make It Personal

It should go without saying, but apparently it doesn't, so let's make it explicit. A personal brand must be personal. To create a personal brand, you have to create a human face and personality that stands behind your brand. Jonathan Rosenfeld does this on his website by beginning with a personal statement. It begins with “I'm an Illinois lawyer . . .” and it ends with “This is my life's work.” He also includes a simple, heartfelt video about how he came to be a lawyer and how he approaches law.

Tip #2 from Anthony Castelli: Make Firm Promises

People want a lawyer who is committed to them. To show that commitment, you have to make promises to your client. Anthony Castelli does this with his “5 Principles of Uncompromising Advocacy,” and his “My Promises to You,” pages. Also important is the small, but crucial testimonial on the front page of his website: “I can tell those who read this and watch your video that the message you shared is exactly how you treat your clients. The care and support you gave us was beyond anything we could have imagined.” This shows these are not empty promises.

Tip #3 from Michael Ehline: Use Strong Language

We're not talking about swearing, but almost. These days, many people are afraid to use language that might alienate readers, but this language also has the ability to grab readers. Michael Ehline's large text includes the word “crippled,” when referring to injury victims. This is a word that many people avoid, but it's strong, and it serves to give emotional edge to the prose. In one word, it establishes that Ehline is a man who is prepared to talk about things as they are, and look at the hard truths when necessary.

Tip #4 from Brent Britton: Be Colorful

Brent Britton is an intellectual property lawyer who also participates in the entrepreneurial process he facilitates, so it makes sense that he will approach his subject creatively. The page for his book Ownability is colorful both in being literally colorful, and also in using descriptive language. So many lawyers love sites designed in blues, greys, and reds that look flat and professional. Sometimes if you want to stand out, you need to look different, too.

Tip #5 from William W. Hurst: If You're Going to Do Social Media, Be Sociable

Everyone has been rushing to a social media platform as a marketing tool, even though its ability to drive leads for lawyers is still in doubt. However, where it can definitely work is in establishing the personal part of your brand. It can't do that if all you're sharing are work-related links. William W. Hurst uses his Google+ page to share plenty of legal links, but he also uses it to share basketball clips, which show that, like most people in the Hoosier State, he's a basketball fan. This is also evident on his YouTube page, where you can see videos of him actually playing.

Whether your personal branding journey starts with a pen with your name on it or your own social media page, you are setting the stage for an audience that wants a story and personality. Be bold, be colorful, and most of all, h

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