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What We Learn about Law Marketing from Atticus Finch

Here is an erudite guest post from Melanie Hargrave Any lover of the classics knows that Atticus Finch from Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird is one of literature's most beloved characters. He may be a fictional character, but lawyers and marketers alike can learn some essential lessons from hi...

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Why Are Successful Lawyers Successful?

Why Are Successful Lawyers Successful? They are clearly a different breed. They use their time and think differently than everyone else. They recognize that they need other people to succeed--and they will find them at the Mastermind Retreat.

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It's Time to Raise Your Billing Rates

Now is the time for mid-sized law firms to press their advantage in billing rates to capture the corporate work that has been going to the largest AmLaw law firms. Corporate GCs are questioning if BigLaw partners are worth the cost and they are looking for more cost-effective law firms. On avera...

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