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What to do When Your Website is Snakebit

You can tell when your law firm website is snakebit: People Google your practice area and your website doesn't show up in searches. You have hundreds of pages online, but Google on indexes a few of them. Many of your inbound links come from sites in Kyrgyzstan. Your site has been online fo...

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Starting Up a Prosperous Mass Torts Practice

A growing number of plaintiff personal injury firms have started mass torts practices, which are product liability cases against reckless pharmaceutical companies. The phenomenon has been fueled over the last 15 years by drug and medical device companies that sell drugs with dangerous side effects.

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Top 10 New Marketing Tactics from the PILMMA Summit

More than 150 lawyers attended the PILMMA legal marketing conference in Ft. Worth last week and came back with pages of money-making ideas. It was a fabulous event to network with the sharpest minds in law firm marketing. Here is my personal list of cutting edge, must-implement and tried-and-true...

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