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Tenure of Today's Law Firm CMO is 5.8 Years

According to new research by J. Johnson Executive Search, today's current CMOs are in their role an average of 5.8 years. "That's quite a departure from the headlines nearly a decade ago sounding the alarm for top marketing professionals' job security," said Jennifer Johnson Scalzi, President of...

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6 Steps to Get Business Development Results

Matt Thompson, the director of the Client Success Team Program for the LexisNexis InterAction business, has a great blog post on about turning business development activity into real results. Lawyers start out with the best intentions, but then get busy and business development ...

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Law Firm SEO - Keep an Eye on Your Wallet

Check that your wallet is still in your purse or pocket when an "expert" started talking to you about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). According to Dan Jaffe, CEO of LawLytics, the SEO industry is unregulated and lacks professional accountability that we, as attorneys, consider axiomatic to our...

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7 Tips of Transform into a Great Legal Networker

The legal job market is fiercely competitive. Learning to network can mean the difference between success and failure. Developing your networking skills can help you advance your career and grow a steady book of business that will give you constant job security. Here are seven steps to take to be...

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Writing Your Personal Marketing Plan

Does the management at your firm simply dress up the lawyers as hunters, send them into the woods and tell them to shoot at anything that moves? Instead, you should practice premeditated business development and make 2011 the best year financially in your career.

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