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Writing Your Personal Marketing Plan

Does the management at your firm simply dress up the lawyers as hunters, send them into the woods and tell them to shoot at anything that moves? Instead, you should practice premeditated business development and make 2011 the best year financially in your career.

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Fourteen Facebook Stats That Can Change Your Business

This is an interactive infographic. Hover your most cursor over a section of the graphic to see the statistics underneath. For example * Posts that contain high-quality photos are more likely to be shared. * Friday is the day with the highest overall Facebook engagement rate. * Emoticons - hearts and smileys - will increase likes.

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Managing Your Social Media to Generate New Files

Lawyers spend thousands of dollars to market their websites, yet many may be throwing it all down the drain with an embarrassing social media profile that no client would want to touch with a 10-foot pole. Here’s how to keep your social media profiles clean and make your online presence generate new files and attract more clients.

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