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Mobile Marketing - The Smart Phone Tipping Point

The first impression that clients will get about you is when they visit your website on a smart phone. This may come as a surprise to many lawyers. If your website is responsive to their smart phone, clients will conclude that you will work well with them. If the view on that two-inch screen ...

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GCs Describe How to Win Their Business - or Lose It

GCs Jeff Novak, John Lewis, Jr. and Stephen Kaplan. I wrote this report in 2011, but it's still relevant today. "We got sued in New York," GC John Lewis said. "One firm came to us and said they knew the judge and had beaten the opposing counsel.  I had heard that pitch before. But I was impre...

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Personality: Why 25% of Lawyers Can't Sell

Only 20% of lawyers are natural born marketers, according to Dr. Larry Richard, Founder & Principal Consultant at LawyerBrain LLC. He found that an additional 55% of lawyers can learn to be rainmakers. “They will make efforts to do marketing; so your goal should be to reduce their discomfort...

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Infographic: Compare and See How Powerful Your Logo Is

Golden arches. Swoosh. Mouse ears. You know what they mean. Some logos are so powerful that they don't need to spell out their names, or that they transcend cultural borders. How can these simple, trivial little artworks inspire global familiarity with so many of them having become iconic? Be...

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